About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jason Natzke and I am an independent filmmaker who believes in the power of telling stories that have a positive emotional impact.  In my opinion, there is nothing greater than expressing oneself through creativity and ultimately sharing our artistic voice with others.  Filmmaking is my favorite way of expressing what I have to say, and my mission is to tell engaging stories that resonate with audiences on a deep emotional level.  I strive to live, work and communicate with both enthusiasm, audacity and integrity.

I was born in Newport Beach, California, but grew up in Denver, Colorado.  I am a Senior Third Degree Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo, and have a passion of expanding myself through the exploration of foreign places and their subsequent cultures.  In 2011 I graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design (formally the College of Santa Fe) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Moving Image Arts.  I currently live in Aurora, CO.  I have worked at large production establishments such as Warner Brothers and ABC Studios, as well as smaller independent companies in California and New Jersey.